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Useful Apps

The following is a list of applications I’ve found useful in the past.  It’s mostly for my personal reference, but feel free to investigate them yourself if you see anything that looks interesting. Cheapskate that I am, just about everything here is either open source or the makers offer a freeware alternative to the full product.

Integrated Development Environments

Application Maker Notes
AnkhSVN CollabNet An indispensible plug-in for Visual Studio if you’re using SVN (see Version Control).
Eclipse The most comprehensive Java IDE you’re going to find for the price (free).
IntelliJ IDEA JetBrains The world’s finest IDE for working in Java. The community edition is free.
ReSharper JetBrains Visual Studio leaves much to be desired in an IDE. ReSharper makes it tolerable.

APIs & Frameworks

Application Maker Notes
XNA Game Studio Microsoft A great video game framework for hobbyists and independent developers.

Version Control

Application Maker Notes
SubVersion Apache My version control system of choice.
TortoiseSVN My favorite GUI front end for SubVersion.


Application Maker Notes
Blender A remarkable open source 3D renderer.
Paint.NET dotPDN LLC A simple, friendly, yet very capable paint program.


Application Maker Notes
7-Zip 7-Zip The UI is a nightmare, but it handles almost any compression format.
BareTail Watch files as they’re being written to. Like “tail /f” in *nix.
KeyFinder Magical Jelly Bean Ever lose your Windows or Microsoft Office key hardcopy?
Magic Disc MagicISO For when you don’t have time to burn an actual disc.
PuTTY Various The quick & easy Telnet/SSH client.
UltraEdit IDM Computer Slns. My favorite text editor by far. It’ll cost you, though. 😦
VirtualBox Sun / Oracle The free alternative to VMWare.
VirtuaWin VirtuaWin A good, solid virtual desktop manager.
WinSCP My file transfer client of choice.



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