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Hiatus: Complete

All right, ALL RIGHT… no posts since April 20th, and not a word of explanation.  This is inexcusable!  Worse than that, it’s reprehensible and vile and just downright evil!

The truth is, I got caught up in a couple things during this dry spell.

1) My family and I moved out of our home and into an apartment where we’re markedly happier, thank you very much.  I also lost my job at that dumbass mortgage company and found a new one a few weeks later with an awesome research company where I’m markedly happier.  That’s a lot of upheaval, and something just had to give during that time.

2) I took leave of my senses and decided to pursue the vagaries of… *shudder* web development.  I know, I know.  Such a thing is completely irrational, given my reasons for wanting to make games in my spare time.  Fact is, I saw an opportunity to bring together a family business venture, part of which involved me making games, but it ended up being more hassle than it was worth.  In the end, I found myself several projects deep JUST to get my mind wrapped around JSP development.  The more time went on, the more decoupled I felt from game programming, which is the opposite of what my efforts were supposed to do.

So here I am exactly seven months later.  I’ve all but abandoned web development (nothing’s set in stone yet), and I’m gearing up to revisit my work with VertX and XNA.  Thank heavens for this dev journal.  Without it, I’d be about as lost as a penguin in Alaska.  As it is, I’m barely able to follow my notes in the decision-making process I went through.

I’ll get there again, I’m sure.


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Geeks and GIMPs

A while back, I mentioned that I was searching for a cheap & simple paint program not bent on being God’s gift to the photo editing universe as a free alternative to Photoshop.  I settled on Paint.NET the same way an old woman settles on a hemorrhoid donut — gingerly, and with a sigh of relief.

But not without trying a couple other candidates first.  GIMP was one such candidate, and I’m finding that it’s aptly named.  Like many other poorly implemented Windows applications, GIMP’s uninstaller doesn’t quite remove its massive, blubbery footprint from the operating system, as evidenced by the fact that every time I right-clicked an image file in Windows Explorer, the context menu still contained an item that proudly said “Open with GIMP.”

So, figuring the odds of me being the only hapless prospect out there to encounter this issue, I go searching for a solution online, and once again I’m reminded why most “helpful” geeks irritate the bat snot out of me.

I had to sift through several online forums where the original poster had the same problem, and asked for advice on how to get rid of the annoying menu item.  Inevitably, the majority of respondents felt the burning need to reveal their intelligence quotient by calling the issue into question…

“It’s just a harmless menu.  Why do you want to get rid of it?”

“Just change the file associations and double-click the image instead.”

“There are other ways of launching an application, you know.”

Why do people do this?  What is it about the human psyche that causes vacuous geeks to pull their head from its usual storage area to type an endless stream of worthless, issue-dodging drivel in response to a simple question?  It’s not just this particular issue, either.  It happens all the time!

Hey Einstein, do I look interested in justifying my question to you?  Did I ask for your personal bachelor’s dissertation on file associations or the finer points of launching a Windows application?  The issue isn’t about working around the problem — it’s about GIMP taking a big old [expletive deleted] on my operating system and not cleaning up its [expletive deleted] mess when it’s [expletive deleted] told to!  If you can’t offer an actual solution, then how about you pour yourself a big, steaming cup of [expletive deleted], and give way to others with brains larger than an average walnut who can actually help?

There, I feel much better now.

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VisualStudio Sucks!


I just wanted the world to know that Visual Studio has to be one of the most asinine IDEs on the planet.  Even with ReSharper, it’s just this side of intolerable, what with…

1. …such atrocious default settings that I’m still trying to ferret out amidst the vast and labyrinthine options window.  Ever hear of a search feature, Microsoft?

2. …IntelliSense making grossly erroneous judgment calls that take more time to correct than if I’d just typed them out myself in the first place.  I swear, if IntelliSense needlessly qualifies a member with its full namespace for me one more time, I’m going to single-handedly discover the Higgs boson!

3. …naming conventions that would make Marquis de Sade cringe.  I want the name and address of the idiot savant at Microsoft who decided that starting every public member with a capital letter was a good idea!  Can we say “rampant name collisions?”  What, was IntelliSense not stumbling around in the dark enough for you already, you had to keep pulling down that window shade?  Yes, I know it’s because of compatibility issues with Visual Basic and its ever-so-quaint case insensitivity.  Please don’t get me started on Microsoft’s blind and laughable attempt at making BASIC into an object-oriented language in the first place.

4. …NO BEER! ’nuff said.

As I said above, ReSharper conceals many of Visual Studio’s sins.  This is a very good thing, otherwise my list of grievances would be much longer.  Still, there’s only so much it can do as a mere plug-in.

I really miss IntelliJ IDEA.  Hell, at this point, I even miss Eclipse!  I wish someone with an IQ higher than a high school gym teacher would invent a new and completely original C# IDE, built from the ground up.

Are you listening, JetBrains?


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Syntaxus Dogmata Launches

Dateline: March 2, 2010 — The Internet

Ladies and Gentlemen… members of the Press… friends, Romans, countrymen… thank you all for attending, but I ask that you please stop mailing me your severed ears.  The I.O.Us you received in the mail on Vincent Van Gogh stationary were just a bad pun, I assure you.

I’ve called you here to — no flash photography, please…

I’m here to announce the opening of my new developer’s journal affectionately named Syntaxus Dogmata.

[wait for thunderous applause]

Named, not from any ancient etymology lost to the ages, but mainly because it sounds vaguely Latin, so it seems like I know what the hell I’m talking about.

[wait for good-natured laughter]

This site will not only chronicle my petulant and possibly pernicious personal programming pursuits, but it will stand forever as a place upon which all true seekers of wisdom will gaze and whisper in slack-jawed reverence, “I have absolutely no idea who that guy was or what he was saying.”

[wait for bemused and nervous laughter]

Here endeth my announcement.  Now if you will kindly vacate the premises, my mom is expecting her Bridge club in half an hour, and I still need to water the lawn you’re trampling on.

Thank you… thank you.

[reenter house, not waiting for thunderous applause and impertinent last-minute Q&A I promised certain media moguls whose ears hang prominently on my office wall]

Click here for the backstory…

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