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Hiatus: Complete

All right, ALL RIGHT… no posts since April 20th, and not a word of explanation.  This is inexcusable!  Worse than that, it’s reprehensible and vile and just downright evil!

The truth is, I got caught up in a couple things during this dry spell.

1) My family and I moved out of our home and into an apartment where we’re markedly happier, thank you very much.  I also lost my job at that dumbass mortgage company and found a new one a few weeks later with an awesome research company where I’m markedly happier.  That’s a lot of upheaval, and something just had to give during that time.

2) I took leave of my senses and decided to pursue the vagaries of… *shudder* web development.  I know, I know.  Such a thing is completely irrational, given my reasons for wanting to make games in my spare time.  Fact is, I saw an opportunity to bring together a family business venture, part of which involved me making games, but it ended up being more hassle than it was worth.  In the end, I found myself several projects deep JUST to get my mind wrapped around JSP development.  The more time went on, the more decoupled I felt from game programming, which is the opposite of what my efforts were supposed to do.

So here I am exactly seven months later.  I’ve all but abandoned web development (nothing’s set in stone yet), and I’m gearing up to revisit my work with VertX and XNA.  Thank heavens for this dev journal.  Without it, I’d be about as lost as a penguin in Alaska.  As it is, I’m barely able to follow my notes in the decision-making process I went through.

I’ll get there again, I’m sure.


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