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Spritely Sprites in Spriteland

The last quandary I’m slated to tackle is the whole cascading effects feature I’ve wanted for VertX.  See this post I made several days ago for details.  Originally, I was ruing the task of getting all of that working in VertX, but now I’m not so sure it’s going to be the chore I was expecting.

What I’m discovering now is that I don’t have much cascading left to do in the hierarchy, really.  My initial thought was to have sprite objects able to contain other sprite objects, but after thinking about it, I’m coming to realize that such a thing would be overkill for what I want to do with sprites.  Instead, I’m leaning toward having sprites contain multiple graphics (Texture2D objects), and manipulating them during the sprites’ Update() and Render() cycles.  That way their locations and transformations can be relative/cascaded or not as the game developer chooses.

So, in the time it’s taken me to get to this cascading effects issue, I’ve removed the Widget class from the hierarchy, added the Frame class, and decided that sprites don’t need to contain other sprites.  These three things together has made cascading effects something of a non-issue.  All I have left to do, really, is create a sprite with multiple textures, and voila!  I’m in business.

Once that’s done, I have a decision to make.  I could proceed to work on the Animation class, which is pretty exciting and a big leap toward making VertX’s a viable game development framework.  I’m tempted, however, by the prospect of working on Tetris again.  I’m in this to make games, after all, not merely to make an XNA-based framework for game development.  Tetris wouldn’t require any animations (that I can foresee right now), so this is an opportunity to actually put my framework work to work and make it work.

Yeah, that sounds more appealing.  I’ll extend VertX as needed with future games that are more sophisticated.


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