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By the way, I failed to mention what I used to draw the paper airplane in my last post.

I considered using the copy of Paint Shop Pro X I bought years ago, which has been my 2-D graphics application of choice since the mid-1990’s.  It’s a great tool, but my copy is several generations old now, and I don’t really feel like coughing up the cash to upgrade.  Ever since PSP went from a simple paint program to a full-fledged photo editing suite, it’s had a ton of features I just never use in my line of work.  All I need are the bare essentials to make graphics around which I can develop software.  Anything professional I need, I can leave to an actual graphic artist.

So I went on the prowl for something open source or freeware (or cheap at the very least), and came across a few names that seemed interesting.  Gimp sounded like a solid choice that’s withstood the test of time, but I didn’t care for the UI all that much.  Pinta caught my eye, but it too seemed geared more toward photo editing than graphic arts.  But Pinta did mention that it was based off of something called Paint.NET, so I gave it a try…

…and I fell in love.  Very few features proved too vague for me to figure out intuitively, and the tools are very much in line with what I consider essential for a basic paint program.

Thanks for the perk, you guys!  I have a feeling I’m going to be using Paint.NET a lot in the foreseeable future.


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