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Let’s Get This Party… Scrolling!

After taking a week off from all C# development, I return with glad tidings on the VertX front.  Two weeks ago, I succeeded in returning text sprites to the screen, bringing VertX back up to where it was before all the many and sundry refactorings that took place.  After working with it for a couple weeks, I’m confident this is the architecture I’m going to stick with.  No more sweeping refactors!

Anyway, regarding text sprites, my next step was to make the text scroll across the screen.  Nothing fancy — just a ticker-tape type scroller using a True-Type font.  A minor victory, to be sure.  I spent most of my time trying to figure out a way to scroll it smoothly, but I got it going as smoothly as I’m ever going to.  Good enough for now, anyway.

Next on the agenda is texture sprites, which is a much larger stride from the gamer’s perspective.  I don’t expect too many problems, though.  The foundation is already laid with text sprites, so it should just be a matter of duplicating what’s already been done, except throwing up preloaded bitmaps instead of text.


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