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VisualStudio Sucks!


I just wanted the world to know that Visual Studio has to be one of the most asinine IDEs on the planet.  Even with ReSharper, it’s just this side of intolerable, what with…

1. …such atrocious default settings that I’m still trying to ferret out amidst the vast and labyrinthine options window.  Ever hear of a search feature, Microsoft?

2. …IntelliSense making grossly erroneous judgment calls that take more time to correct than if I’d just typed them out myself in the first place.  I swear, if IntelliSense needlessly qualifies a member with its full namespace for me one more time, I’m going to single-handedly discover the Higgs boson!

3. …naming conventions that would make Marquis de Sade cringe.  I want the name and address of the idiot savant at Microsoft who decided that starting every public member with a capital letter was a good idea!  Can we say “rampant name collisions?”  What, was IntelliSense not stumbling around in the dark enough for you already, you had to keep pulling down that window shade?  Yes, I know it’s because of compatibility issues with Visual Basic and its ever-so-quaint case insensitivity.  Please don’t get me started on Microsoft’s blind and laughable attempt at making BASIC into an object-oriented language in the first place.

4. …NO BEER! ’nuff said.

As I said above, ReSharper conceals many of Visual Studio’s sins.  This is a very good thing, otherwise my list of grievances would be much longer.  Still, there’s only so much it can do as a mere plug-in.

I really miss IntelliJ IDEA.  Hell, at this point, I even miss Eclipse!  I wish someone with an IQ higher than a high school gym teacher would invent a new and completely original C# IDE, built from the ground up.

Are you listening, JetBrains?



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