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VertX Founded

After several false starts and my SVN server apparently attempting to divide by zero, I finally got the initial foundation for VertX completed.

The SVN server going down was the result of an 8-year-old hard drive finally giving up the ghost.  I’m not overly concerned with that, as I was sure to have a viable backup.  😀

The false starts, on the other hand, were mainly the results of my own incompetence at software architecture and the fact that I didn’t have AnkhSVN installed.  Anytime I’d need to shuffle around my class files, I’d either mess up my namespaces and references in Visual Studio or completely discombobulate SVN.  Now with AnkhSVN, I’m able to mess up my namespaces AND discombobulate SVN at the same time!

All kidding aside, AnkhSVN did solve my problem, and it seems to work fabulously well so far.  I highly recommend it.

It enabled me to finalize the initial foundation of VertX, which is compiling nicely, and I even have it clearing the screen!  Okay, not that marvelous, but it’s a start.

As for the 8-year-old hard drive, I can’t put it out to stud, so I’ll just have to deal with it another way.

Here’s hoping for more spectacular results next week.


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