Syntaxus Dogmata

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Syntaxus Dogmata Launches

Dateline: March 2, 2010 — The Internet

Ladies and Gentlemen… members of the Press… friends, Romans, countrymen… thank you all for attending, but I ask that you please stop mailing me your severed ears.  The I.O.Us you received in the mail on Vincent Van Gogh stationary were just a bad pun, I assure you.

I’ve called you here to — no flash photography, please…

I’m here to announce the opening of my new developer’s journal affectionately named Syntaxus Dogmata.

[wait for thunderous applause]

Named, not from any ancient etymology lost to the ages, but mainly because it sounds vaguely Latin, so it seems like I know what the hell I’m talking about.

[wait for good-natured laughter]

This site will not only chronicle my petulant and possibly pernicious personal programming pursuits, but it will stand forever as a place upon which all true seekers of wisdom will gaze and whisper in slack-jawed reverence, “I have absolutely no idea who that guy was or what he was saying.”

[wait for bemused and nervous laughter]

Here endeth my announcement.  Now if you will kindly vacate the premises, my mom is expecting her Bridge club in half an hour, and I still need to water the lawn you’re trampling on.

Thank you… thank you.

[reenter house, not waiting for thunderous applause and impertinent last-minute Q&A I promised certain media moguls whose ears hang prominently on my office wall]

Click here for the backstory…


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